Mindset & Values

Time & energy and the ability to focus


These are the (3) three main ingredients that you need. Three critical elements you need to guard, work on and develop. Understand their value and significance.

If you are fortunate to be young and healthy. You are potentially a time millionaire. Healthy lifestyle predicts a longer life. But time is not unlimited and life can be unpredictable. You can lose it all just like that if you don’t keep your eyes open.

If you are perhaps abusing substances. Eating crap. Neglecting daily physical exercise. You are potentially wasting and denying yourself a lot of future time.

Valuable time. Time, that you could be investing to create more time. How did we create more time? By focusing on healthy habits. If you are older you can buy more time if you start focusing on healthy life-prolonging habits. If you are young, your job is to make sure your claim that time by developing healthy habits.

And by the way old is an attitude. An attitude in your head. The attitude YOU decide to feed. The one YOU choose to feed is the attitude that is going to settle in your mind. So choose wisely.

I know people who are in their early 30s and are whining how old they are.  And I can tell you my grandfather, for example, who died at 82 was always so energetic and playful.

He had a very young mind although his body was getting old and sick.
And I am willing to bet. That if my grandfather would have combined his amazingly young at heart attitude and playfulness with a serious dedication to healthy food habits and smart exercise routines. He would’ve bought himself a lot more time.

Our success is a combination of many things. There are things out there. Things that are out of our control. But there are very powerful things that we CAN influence.

Like our own personal time, personal energy and the ability to focus. If you master these three. You can create your destiny.  Sounds epic right. Well, it really is epic! Isn’t it. And everyone can do it.  I will be exploring these subjects in more depth in my later posts.

Here’s a little rhyme I composed for your brain to memorize:
Time, energy and the ability to focus. Is the real Hocus Pocus!
That’s the Simsalabim that will get you in.  


Stay focused and stay energized,



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Solve your asset problemos with modern technology


”It’s okay to solve all your monetary problems utilizing the internet. It’s fine. It really is.”

One of the first things that I said to myself, when I started this journey and kept repeating was. ‘-It’s okay to solve all of your monetary problems utilizing the internet.’ We must see, confirm and re-affirm to ourselves that the internet is the new land of freedom and opportunity. Let it sink in. Deep.

”I just wanted to make sure that if something or someone is holding me back from reaching my online business goals. At least it is not me.”

Giving myself a permission to succeed might sound strange but I just wanted to make sure that if something or someone is holding me back from reaching my online business goals. At least it is not me. Very often we sabotage our own success. We don’t let ourselves become successful. We pull ourselves down, distract and talk ourselves out of it. I wanted to make sure that on all conscious and subconscious levels my mind is working for me and not against me.

This affirmation. It’s okay to solve all your monetary problems utilizing the internet was something that came naturally, spontaneously. Something that I say to myself out loud every day. And it has become a very powerful affirmation indeed.

One of my fundamental affirmations that remind me of my goal and keep me on track. It pulls me back when I get off course. Let me clarify once more that earning money and getting rich is NOT the objective here. Solving a problem and creating opportunities is the ultimate goal.

Stay focuced and stay motivated,


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